I work with individuals, couples and families, (adolescents and adults) who feel disconnected from themselves, their emotions, their relationships, bodies, life purpose, or higher power. This may be because of an addiction, a personality disorder, relationship distress, a developmental or neurological disorder, depression, anxiety or a host of other issues. We work together to imagine and create integration.I am passionate about helping people create personal health and well-being for themselves and in their relationships, however they define this.

I see my clients as experts in their own lives and I collaborate with their expertise to resolve their concerns. If they cannot see their strengths and passions, I help them to re-discover these, and to re-establish themselves as the experts and authors of their own lives.

I utilize an eclectic mix of clinical & common sense practices to help clients find the life they most want to live. My clients are highly motivated to make positive changes in their lives. My belief is that passionate well-being is available to all, presently, regardless of what has happened in the past.

Cynthia White Meyer LICSW offers a free phone consultation.
To arrange a time,
send an email: cwmeyerlicsw (at) gmail.com,
or phone/text: 651-307-4899.