As a life long insomniac, I have found many tools to cope with sleep deprivation, and I’d like to share one of my very favorites.

Lately, my beautiful Shakey Joy, a 13 year old rescue street dog from Thailand, has been ill and kept me awake more than usual. Here is something that I use during the day, that keeps me focused and calm. It is called Binaural Beat music. There are many channels on You Tube that you can try. One of my favorites is called Brainwave Power Music:
They have music to help you study, focus, concentrate, sleep, relieve muscle tension, increase your feel good brain chemicals, improve mood, decrease anxiety, reduce headaches, and help you meditate.

Other channels, such as Magnetic Minds ( use pure binaural beats with no background music and purport to have the ability to cleanse your chakras and decalcify/cleanse/heal your pineal gland, also known as the Third Eye.

Some of these videos last 8 hours so you can listen to them while you sleep, or all day long. The binaural beats balance your brainwaves, and work best if you wear a headset.

Try these out, and have a peaceful and calm day.